Target’s New Bathroom Policy:Not that Serious


So I’m sure we’ve all heard or read about Target’s new bathroom policy and it has caused quite a stir to say the least. After reading Target’s exact statement it’s really hard to not give them snaps and say “yassssss Target,” but not everybody shares the same positive attitude about Targets new policy.

I have read quite a few articles and comments about the new policy and the main argument I have come across is the “My child is in great danger.”  People are arguing that with this policy their child is at risk of being harmed because now a male can walk into a women’s restroom freely.  Now let’s take a closer look into the situation the only thing that was stopping a man from walking into a women’s restroom before this new policy was a sign, a plastic sign.  There is no one guarding the door, there’s no penis detector there is nothing in place to stop this man from entering the restroom.  So were your kids really that safe before this new policy?  It’s hard to say just how it’s hard to say whether or not we’re going to see a spike in bathroom incidents because of this new policy.

It seems like people are jumping the gun and already have their opinions in place and are all set to boycott Target but let’s face the facts you do not I repeat you do not have to use their restroom it’s there for your convenience to have a restroom but you don’t need to use it and if you’re concerned for your children’s safety then accompanying your child can put your worries at ease.

Target didn’t create this policy to upset anybody or harm anyone they did it for exact opposite to not exclude anybody but of course everything sounds better in theory.

So before we start making assumptions of what can happen let’s just see what actually does happen.  There are bigger issues to be concerned about but genital shouldn’t be, at least not in this context.



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