How to Survive Finals Week

1. Get Organized

Don’t leave things to the last minute. Write down all your due dates for assignments, papers, etc.  Make sure to check your syllabus for your finals scheduled time and day.


2. Turn everything off

Yes I mean everything.  Everything and anything that will distract you.  Even if you have to delete your social media apps. Do whatever is necessary to finish that paper and stop wasting time.


3. Eat

Probably the most important one out of the entire list.  Now is not the time to deprive yourself of your cravings. Stress levels are high and you should treat yourself to whatever you please.


4. If all else fails wing it

Something is better than nothing. So you waited to the last minute to write that paper, well we all have been there at some point. Instead of going into crisis mode just do as much as you can.


5. Be Confident

Get a good nights rest, eat a pop-tart, and walk in with your head held high. This will all be over before you know it.



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